ARREBAT leads the field when it comes to accurate, timely, and professional consulting and testing on Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement projects. From design of high-quality HMA  to testing and inspection during construction to analysis of previously placed pavements,  Asphalt concrete mixes can be designed using local materials that best fit roadway needs. We are familiar with specifications from various agencies such as ASTM,  AASHTO and BS.

Laboratory Testing

  • Asphalt mix design.
  • Marshal Test (Determining the flow and stability).
  • Extraction (determining the bitumen content ).
  • Sieve analysis of extracted aggregate.
  • Determining the density of compacted samples.
  • Determining the maximum theoretical specific gravity.

Field Testing

  • Monitoring asphalt placements .
  • Sampling of  bituminous materials.
  • Core Drilling.

Failure Investigation:

  In case of a pavement failure, we can perform in-situ testing of the asphalt and the underlying base materials to assess the reason for the failure.  This testing includes coring the asphalt and performing laboratory testing on the samples obtained as well as making test pits through the underlying base and sub base materials to determine the suitability of these materials.

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